Design for Corporate Media

Every organisation needs a logo and a professional elaboration of it’s corporate identity. BB-Go designs logo’s and corporate identities. We apply these on all corporate means and suitable for all media. We work for a wide arrange of clients: from public institutions to self-employed entrepreneurs.

BB-Go takes care of digital presentations and designs websites. The corporate identity is always the starting point. No other medium is as important to an organisation as is the online presentation, and it is of the utmost importance that corporate identity and online presence match each other.

‘We believe that every organisation needs a corporate identity that visually matches the essential values of the organisation.’

View our most recent assignment for Nordic Propeye:
corporate identity and website

We design visual presentations for organisations and companies. Informative or sales supportive. The essential values of the organisation are leading in this. Applications of the design are made for every medium, digitally and in print.

For instance in a roll banner. Like in this internal presentation of a Hannah Arendt workshop for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

‘In these times clients and relations expect to be able to make contact every moment of the day. Your corporate media need to be suited for this expectancy. ’

To bring across a more complicated or extensive message, we design illustrations and infographics. We make these suitable for print, for digital means and even as an animation. Multimedia makes it possible to implement interactive layers and to incorporate the infographic in an online presentation.

The illustration can also be printed, for instance on a very large format.

Like this infographic for internal use designed for the Municipality of Zoetermeer, about socially responsible purchasing.

‘The design proces of Macht en Moed shows that quality arises by truly listening to each other. The design solution fits the content perfectly and thus shows how important presentation really is. Also in our governmental work.’

Erik Pool
Programdirector Dialogue and Ethics
Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Design and layout of documents, brochures, reports. But also of magazines, advertisements and books. We use all conventional and contemporal ways of printing, suited for your specific needs.

We support the design with photography, illustrations and infographics. We supervise the production.

Like we have done in several annual reports for the Municipality of Zoetermeer. Printed in a small batch, and accomodated for the online publication as well. For this specific client we also design posters, flyers, advertisements and banners.

The Municipality of Zoetermeer values us as one of their social economic engaged partners (SEBO certification).

‘BB-Go helped us getting the message across and introducing our products and services on all platforms.’

Stefan Lindgren, Talkpool

Starting a webshop for your business?

BB-Go helps you to get started with online sales. As an entrepreneur you will feel the need to have a professional partner to assist you with image and technique. While you focus on the business side, we can support the creative input. We can advise about the use of images. Is it possible to rely on stock photography, or is it worth the effort to create your own material? We advise about brand identity and help you with a consistent presentation in your online presence.

design for corporate media

Examples of productions for our clients:
logo’s, corporate identities, websites, infographics, advertising, magazines, roll banners, illustrations, flyers, posters, vehicle lettering, photo walls, stationary, annual reports, books, newspapers, webshops.

‘Images of our projects are our greatest selling prospect. BB-Go has translated this clearly in our online presentation.’

Paul Sips, Sips Beregeningstechniek


‘We visualise your message in a unique way for you.’

Diana Vermetten, designer BB-Go

Diana Vermetten

design for corporate media

Has done projects for:
Nordic Propeye, the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs, The Hague University, the Dutch horticultural Product Board, All About Tax advisors, Sisp Sprinkling technique, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, De Binnenbaan, Housing Corporation Rijswijk Wonen, the Municipality of Zoetermeer, Nevedi, Scheidingspunt Zoetermeer, Werkgevers Servicepunt ZHC, De Moes en Vos tax advisors, Talkpool, La Scuola, Bije Real Estate, Ment communication, Meerpunt, the Amsterdam Tourist and Convention Board, Terra Management Group, the Dutch entrepreneur prize dedicated to horticulture GMP+ International, The Next Step Zoetermeer, the Dutch Ministry of Defence Forces, The Zoetermeer Accesibilty Advice Counsil, GIST IT security services, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.